Located at:

Orchard Hills Athletic Club

100 Duval Rd.

Lancaster, MA 01523

Twice a week the Empowered Through Health Farmstand will be at Orchard Hills Athletic Club in Lancaster, MA. 

A portion of the vegetables were started from seed by the children in the Links Classrooms at the Mary Rowlandson Elementary School.  It is our goal to provide the community with nutritious produce and locally made treats, but most important to recognize and celebrate the student's work!

Proceeds will go back into funding the ETH Gardening Program as well as creating empowering employment opportunities for people of all levels of ability.

  • In-season vegetables
  • Local Honey
  • Pasture Eggs
  • Kenyan Chai Tea (Starting Sat. July 25th)
  • Locally made Jams
  • Organic Homemade Granola Bars (Starting Sat. July 25th)

Local Honey

Empowered Through Health is proud to partner with Eli and Olivia Baker from Greenfield, MA.  Eli and Olivia make their own honey and besides being delicious, it is local and we love to support local!

Local Pasture Eggs

One of the best things about the eggs we sell is that the chickens are raised humanely, roaming on local pasture and eating forage, and are NEVER slaughtered. 

The chickens that provide our eggs are considered to be family to their owners. Pasture eggs contain higher levels of fatty acids and Vitamins A&E.  The chickens are always treated with respect and care! 

To learn more about the difference between pasture & free range eggs


Produce From Local Farms

It is our goal to one day to supply our farmstand with ALL produce  grown by people with the passion for gardening, people whom just happen to be differently-abled. 

Because we are just getting off the ground so to speak, a small percentage of the produce sold at the stand was planted by children in the community whom are differently-abled.  We are proud to have the support and remaining vegetables supplied by local farms in Lancaster (Deershorn Farm) and Stowe, MA. (Three Boys Farm).

No matter where the produce originates from, the end result is the community enjoying local, fresh produce while at the same time honoring and celebrating people of all abilities.

Home-made Granola Bars

Homemade organic granola bars are made especially for Empowered Through Health by Hope & Health.

Hope and Health is a local organization owned and operated by wellness coach and holistic chef Carla Turbide.  We are proud to be able to offer you delicious, healthy granola bars made with real ingredients.

Peg's Preserves

Kenyan Chai

Singer and activist Wangari Fahari's mother Njoki and grandmother Wangari, for whom she is named, have created and perfected Chai Tea recipes that have been passed down from one generation to the next.

Grown in the village of Kiambu, Kenyan chai is not just a healing tea, it's a symbol of love, growth, hospitality, acceptance and communion.  Whether it be Wangari's grandmother's recipe or her mother's, which has more medicinal properties, she is proud to share these very personal recipes with Empowered Through Health.

This is Wangari's way of honoring both her grandmother and mother's wishes and a great way to share her passion, contribute and encourage all of us to participate in the building of a diverse community.

Peg has over thirty years of experience in making these incredible jams and jellies.  All of her hand-made preserves are made using locally-grown fruits and vegetabes, the majority from her own gardens.  Her award winning preserves are delicious and made with real ingredients!